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Welcome to DDoSDeflect.

As you may have noticed, we are no longer offering Hosting Services. As a company, we have closed. We did not have the time to offer services at the quality we would like, and we did not want to compromise our own standards offering a lesser service. Do not fear though, come early 2017, we shall return.

In the mean time however, please direct your attention to our friends at DasVPS.com. DasVPS offers the same high quality that you had come to expect from DDoSDeflect, with powerful new servers and superb support. We highly recommend DasVPS to suit your needs for DDoS Protection and VPS Hosting. Our friends at DasVPS are ready and willing to work with you to make sure that all of your wants and needs are met, and that you are happy with your purchase.

Use promo code DDOSDEFLECT on DasVPS.com to get 25% off your first order.

This is not good bye,
This is see you later.